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brooke erin

@brookeandcanvas on all social media platforms.

Local to Edmonton. Multidisciplinary Creator.  Muse. Tattoo Artist.

Brooke Erin works at the intersection of human experience and physical art.

The intent behind her creations is to capture what is important to each person she encounters in a way that honors their perception with her creative collaboration of experience and art.

A raw curiosity for art and philosophy led Brooke to study at the University of Saskatchewan (2013-14) and the University of Alberta (2015-17).

An opportunity for a tattoo apprenticeship presented itself in 2017 and has been her main source of creative expression since.

Gold Ocean Studio has been a proud home for her tattooing practice since 2019.


Whether captured by the camera, on skin, or on canvas; a deep exploration of philosophies, artistic mediums, and styles are delivered in of Brookes’ creative collections.

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