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A slow-growing community of people dedicated to understanding and improving themselves while helping others in the process. Having a sense of community is a huge part of a person's support network and sense of belonging.This has been shown to have connections to overall health (see supporting article)




Membership is required to access the community. Membership details below may be pending or missing information.

Contact Brooke for details.

Using accountability to become an expert on yourself and your autonomy

through a journal, community and support system that uses flow to bring consistency to your life.

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 Here you'll find something like a library. An education and resource centre where members can add or access resources that are local to where you are on the planet. This might include local programs, events and support groups. One of the biggest barriers to mental health growth is knowing where to look.

(see related study results)


A local news station or forum designed for positive testimonies, thanksgiving and gratitude. Consciously counting your blessings, listening to, or reading good news; gratefulness has been scientifically proven to support greater immune health and happiness. (see footnote 105)


A public space for members to communicate and connect with other virtual pro-files who have the collective goal of improving their lives. 


The accountability community thrives best with authenticity. Here you'll have a home-base or profile that gives you the confidence that you are the pro, or the expert on yourself. There will be private and purely personal sections to keep you self informed. (see the science behind authenticity)


Find your support network within the community or discover 1-1 accountability with Brooke Erin, our community advisor. Having social support has proven to benefit overall health. (see article here)


Like a hardware store or a pharmacy. Here you'll find mental health skills, tools, remedies, tips, hacks, worksheets and information collected and uploaded by the community.

May include activities, ideas or suggestions to manage your challenges such as: 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Positive psychology

Inner Family Systems

Somatic Experiencing

Books, audiobooks, podcasts

Having tools like a

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

can increase the quality of life.

(see WRAP research and evidence)



A free and voluntary program where you find an accountability partner or partners to keep you on track with your goals. Finding a community that wants to see you succeed in all facets of your life can be rewarding, motivating and connecting. This differs from accountability coaching as it is peer to peer conversations organized between community members

(see the benifits of peer support here)


Journal education, accountability support

and shadow sessions facilitated by Brooke Erin

This differs from accountability exchange as

it is motivated by a financial investment

and a commitment to studying ones self.  


Become the expert on yourself,

build healthy habits that last,

and access flow in your life.

Gain hope, personal responsibility

autonomy and accountability.

Positive affects of accountability and

written goals have been studied.

(see article here)




Best suited for people who are into or curious

about journal methods and mental health topics.

For those feeling stuck, in survival mode,

or out of touch with themselves

yet might want to opt out of

traditional therapy routes.

Backed in research, can be customized

and utilized for personal/business use.

Includes deep dives into the following sections:

Resources and Education

Self Awareness

Budgets and Financial Goals 


Personal Check Ups and Crisis Modes

Idea Storage


Weekly Plan

Journal for (Daily) Insight

Other (personalized sections

for unique interests

like poetry writing,

dream recording, etc.)

20 minutes for building or 
breaking a specific habit. 
Brooke will be present with you 
as quiet moral support or if needed, 
verbally prompt you out of freeze 
and into your discussed habit change. 
Increase your productivity by having 
her be a non-judgemental 
motivational director. 
Often thought of as
virtual body doubling
it feels good to know someone 
is there holding space 
for your efforts in changing.




 1-hour dive deep into your current reality, 
rediscovering your long or short-term goals 
and focusing on solutions.
Brooke wants to show you 
the path to result-oriented thinking
in a supportive environment that 
allows you to be safe, vulnerable, 
and a place to explore

weaknesses as strengths. 
Unblock or activate accountability,
motivation and sense of flow. 
Feeling stuck in a freeze state can be overcome with flow.

It's about gaining and maintaining. 

You know what you want to gain. Brooke will support you to maintain.  




 For the most benefit, the journal system includes all elements of 1-1 accountability:

1x 2hour discovery session

(to get a framework on your goals)

1hour educational sessions on the journal system per week x12 weeks

up to (12) 1 hour support sessions 

(scheduled once a week but are optional)

up to (12) 20 minute shadow sessions

( scheduled once a week but are optional)

13 weeks total

3 month commitment


or as one deposit of $(x)

and 4 instalments of $(x) 

Automatic membership

to accountability community. 



1x 20 minute session as needed

(best for deadlines and motivation

for specific events or goals)


1x 20 minute session per week x4 weeks

(best for 30 day habit building)

4 weeks total

1 month commitment


1x 20 minute sessions per week x12 weeks

(best for 90 day habit breaking)

12 weeks total

3 month commitment


Accountability community membership not included.


1x 1hour session as needed

(best for situational ruminating or one-off event)


1x 1hour session per week x4 weeks

(best for short term goal with a feeling of lacking ambition or inspiration)

4 weeks total

1 month commitment


1x 1hour sessions per week x12 weeks

(best for long term goal with sense of overwhelm or being frozen)

12 weeks total

3 month commitment


Accountability community membership not included.

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